Corporate Programs

Corporate programs

In this day and age, technical knowledge isn’t enough to climb the corporate ladder. Studies have shown that 75% of long-term success depends on soft skills and 25% depends on technical/hard skills.

For effective performance in the corporate world, employees must not only have more than just field knowledge, technical and analytical skills, but also the skills to deal with the external world of clients, customers, vendors, the government, and the public. Team building and communication skills are also integral parts of the corporate world, as they play a major role in problem-solving and conflict resolution. Bosses and managers are always looking for employees with leadership potential because those workers will one day take over the reins and build on the company’s legacy. Our corporate program aims to instill these values in employees to maximize their productivity. We train them on various etiquettes like telephone, e-mail, meetings, conference calls, and cross-cultural sensitization. We also do coaching for senior executives on their specific areas of improvement including communication.

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